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Our Winemakers

This little pig went to market is made by some pretty special winemakers. Squealing Pig is achieving world domination enjoyed all over the world, thanks to their experience and sheer creative genius. You can now find Squealing Pig goodness in the US (Nobu New York anyone?), the UK, Australia, Asia, Scandinavia, and – of course – New Zealand.

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Spring Timlin

Lives: Marlborough, NZ


Spring grew up in Christchurch and studied some super cool stuff photography and sociology before giving winemaking a whirl. She's worked in heaps of different places her way up – training in hospitality, on to Lincoln University, into the cellar, over to the wine lab and now into winemaking. Her natural creativity means she really gets what Squealing Pig fans want – great wine that doesn't take itself too seriously.

What she's up to

This city girl packed her bags and moved to a place with lots of grapes the country to be a little closer to the source of Squealing Pig. She's now based in Marlborough and loves being so hands-on. The laid-back lifestyle suits her to a tee, even if she does miss the Auckland shopping a wee bit.

Man smiling while standing in front of wine barrels

Duncan Shouler

Lives: Marlborough, NZ


Born in England and spent a few years cruising around in Cyprus, many years in Scotland then moved to New Zealand. He's pretty much Bear Grylls a former scuba diving teacher, having taught diving and marine biology in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty, with Marine Biology degrees from Glasgow and Auckland Universities. Despite enjoying the beach lifestyle, Duncan wanted to hang out with us make wine, so completed a Master of Science majoring in Wine Science with Honours from the University of Auckland. He started winemaking in 2011 and became co-winemaker with Spring at Squealing Pig in 2015.

What he's up to

When he's not in the winery, he likes to pretend he's Bear Grylls sneak in a couple of hours to go fly-fishing for trout. On the weekend, it's a mix of all the best stuff kayaking, golf, free-diving or scuba diving to catch lobster, crayfish, scallops and oyster. He's also pretty good at making his own home brew beer from scratch!