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Stolen Girlfriends Club

We're a little bit a lot obsessed with the super cool cats talented Stolen Girlfriends Club. Probably because they're like Squealing Pig in fashion form.

Founded in 2005 by three Kiwi blokes friends Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, they wanted to create the clothes and product they couldn't find anywhere.

NZFW16 Catwalk

Three rules apply if you want to rock it wear it the Stolen Girlfriends Club way:

- a youthful rebellious spirit

- a healthy sense of humour

- the ability to entertain and empower

They are obsessed with really like our Squealing Pig wine too, so we guess it's meant to be a pretty awesome match.

Stolen Hand Drawn Jackets

Their collections are laced with confidence and courage - whether inspired by punk romanticism, party crashers or post-apocalyptic surfers, each collection has an underlying feeling of sheer awesomeness rock'n'roll swagger.

We're squeally excited proud to be the official wine partner of Stolen Girlfriends Club and oink cheer on from the catwalk sidelines.

Their Spring collection fashion show VIOLENCE TERROR CHAOS AND OTHER POEMS during New Zealand Fashion Week 2016 was bursting with luxurious fabrics, leather jackets and hand-drawn artwork by artist Micheala Van Der Laan.

Read our story on the show below.

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Stolen Heartbreaker

Stolen Girlfriends Club is taking over the world just like us is found in over 13 countries around the world, positioned in mid-high end boutiques and department stores with its cult following presence ever expanding.

Their collections revolve around Denim, knitwear, leather and jewllery for both dudes and dudettes men and women

They like to do things a little differently like us and always have fun with what they do just like us. Yep, they're pretty much our sould mates.

Stolen Doodles

So what does Stolen like about Squealing Pig?

We forced asked co-founder Marc Moore to tell us about how awesome we are what he thinks...

"We love Squealing Pig because their wines are absolutely beautiful and we’re both very like-minded brands.

Like us, they’re not afraid to have some fun yet they’re serious about creating an amazing product. 

It’s the reason we get along so well."