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Picture of a pig on a wine bottle
Squealing Pig Wines

Pig Me


Not sure what Squealing Pig wine is for you?
Well, don't worry!
We've got a pig for every wine and a wine for every pig.
Just take this quick pigernality quiz to find your wine match!

  1. What best describes you?
    1. Intrepid and an explorer
    2. Laid back and life of the party
    3. Wild and free!
    4. Down-to-earth, yet complex
  2. On a Saturday you would be seen:
    1. Getting a coldbrew coffee from the local wholefoods store
    2. At a sunny spot soaking up good vibes
    3. At the beach hanging out
    4. Enjoying a night in with close friends
  3. Your outfit of choice:
    1. Jeans, white tee and some epic shades/glasses. Oh and a beard if you’re a dude.
    2. Something super bright or a good man-pink statement tee
    3. Something floaty with a print.
    4. Oversized tees and slouchy pants.
  4. Your dream holiday would include:
    1. Mountains and wilderness
    2. Island escape
    3. Mexico or Vietnam
    4. New York with some mates
  5. Your favourite season is:
    1. Autumn
    2. Summer
    3. Spring
    4. All year round!
  6. Your favourite food:
    1. Pork belly
    2. Mexican tacos
    3. Fresh fish
    4. Oysters with Lime
  7. This little pig:
    1. Went to market
    2. Stayed home
    3. Had none
    4. Went wee wee wee